Thursday, September 15, 2011

Involve Kashmiri Pandits in Peace Talks: Doval

Involve Kashmiri Pandits in Peace Talks: Doval
PTI | Hyderabad | Oct 10, 2010
Former Intelligence Bureau chief Ajit Doval today said Kashmiri Pandits should be made party in all negotiations for resolving the problems in Kashmir.
"On the negotiating table to articulate your views... having the legitimacy that the victims... The people of Kashmir are represented, the Kashmiri Pandits should also be made the stakeholders. So that they can represent effectively on their many concerns," Doval said.
Participating as the principal speaker at a seminar on 'Turmoil in Kashmir — Root-cause and Remedies' here, the former director of the IB said, "they (Kashmiri Pandits) have been evicted from their homes for several years, but, so far not accepted as the stakeholder. We have to make them a party in the whole process seeking solution to Kashmir problem. Any settlement without considering Kashmiri Pandits would be incomplete."
He said the mindset of India, Pakistan and Kashmiri separatists has also contributed to (Kashmir) turmoil in its own way.
Doval also criticised Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah's recent statement in the Assembly that J&K had not merged with India but only acceded to it.
He said the campaign by separatists seeking withdrawal of Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act from the Valley was only aimed at demoralising the security forces.
"Separatists are trying to demoralise the security forces through their campaign," he said.
Forum for Integrated National Security (FINS) Andhra Pradesh Chapter chairman Major General (Retd) A B Gorthi said Pakistan was waging a proxy war against India by sending terrorists into Kashmir from across the border.
"Pakistan is carrying out a clandestine operation against India and also getting local support in Kashmir. The situation in Kashmir is grim and we (people in other parts of the country) should be aware of the problems faced by Kashmiri people," Gorthi added.
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