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Return of the Superspy

Return of the Superspy
The New Indian Express
By Yatish Yadav, 8th June 2014
No spymaster before him is so fabled for running meticulously conceived anti-terror operations deep inside enemy territory. He has personally trained agents in the dangerous art of exhaustive reconnaissance of insurgent hideouts in troubled Kashmir, at great risk to life and liberty. He has spent decades tirelessly tracking down suspected militants in the treacherous terrain of the North-East, infiltrating terrorist outfits in Punjab, conducting dangerous counter-insurgency missions, and, most importantly, acting as the father figure for India’s intelligence operatives working thousands of miles away from home running covert operations that no other Indian agency—perhaps with the exception of the Technical Services Division dismantled by General Bikram Singh— had dared to attempt in the past.
Ajit Kumar Doval, 69, former Director of Intelligence Bureau and now the new National Security Adviser in Narendra Modi’s government, is a revered figure in the secret world of Indian espionage. The ‘Master’ as a field agent had successfully broken the back of the North-East insurgency in 1986 in an undercover operation that gave him lasting fame—the defection of 6 out of 7 commanders of Laldenga’s outfit to the Indian cause, forcing the secessionist leader to sign the peace accord. In his heydays as an operative, Doval’s addiction to danger, instead of safely spending life behind a babu’s desk in the North Block, drafting and signing INT reports, marked him for greatness. As a young man, he was a thrill seeker—in the Eighties, the 1968 Kerala batch IPS officer, a master at disguise and embedded deep undercover in Pakistan for almost six years, pulled off daring coups that left ISI clueless. With years of experience in dealing with insurgency and terrorism in Kashmir, the new NSA is expected to shake up New Delhi’s moribund security establishments paralysed by UPA’s inaction and inter-organisational politics. Veteran intelligence analysts feel the Doval Effect will also impact the PMO’s aggressive foreign policy towards Pakistan and China.
Hours after the formal announcement of his appointment last week, terrorist chatter on the Kashmir border revealed that terror commanders in Pak Occupied Kashmir (PoK) are on knife edge. India’s Most Wanted Dawood Ibrahim, who is the ISI’s prized guest in Karachi, immediately shifted his base closer to the lawless Pak-Afghan border. Doval’s experience in covert actions deep into enemy territory left the don fearing an unexpected Osama-like op. The legend of Doval, who for the next five years will command Indian security and Intelligence to ruthlessly protect Indian interests, stands to be reborn again.
DC Pathak, former Director of the Intelligence Bureau, who had worked with Doval, says the government’s choice of NSA is perfectly tailored to the task. “The challenges and problems we face are well known to all. Now we have the right man for the job. I have always advocated someone with field operations background should be the NSA,” feels Pathak. Some of the best spies in the CIA, Mossad and the now defunct KGB with field experience as either soldiers or spooks make it to senior positions in government and intelligence across the world.
Sometime in 1988. Residents of Amritsar around the Golden Temple where Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale once held sway, and Khalistani militants spotted a rickshawpuller plying his trade. He was new in the area and he looked ordinary enough. The suspicious militants put him on their watch list. It took 10 days for them to make contact; or for him to approach them, as the confusing game of spycraft unfurled within the sacred precincts. The rickshaw puller convinced the militants that he was an ISI operative, who had been sent by his Pakistani masters to help the Khalistan cause. Two days before Operation Black Thunder, the rickshaw-puller entered the Golden Temple and returned with crucial information, including the actual strength and positions of the terrorists inside the shrine. He was none other than Ajit Doval undercover. When the final assault came, the young police officer was inside Harminder Sahib, streaming much needed information to security forces to carry out search-and-flush operations.
“His piercing gaze and mysterious smile is etched in my memory forever,” says an intelligence officer who met Doval after Operation Black Thunder. “The risk was high but our security forces got the blueprint for the attack from Doval. Maps, details like strength, weapons and the location where militants was hiding were given by him. The IB passed over the information to NSG, saving countless lives and preventing further damage to the temple,” he recollects.
Doval’s bravery and ingenuity earned him the Kirti Chakra, the first cop to win the gallantry award, previously given to Army officers only. Similarly, his operations in the ’80s in Mizoram had an unprecedented success rate in eliminating and effecting the surrender of important insurgent leaders. Doval’s strategy was to use information from agents on the ground to keep a tight leash on rebels while covert operations were carried out against hardcore anti-nationals. An intelligence officer, who served under Doval, describes his informal style towards trusted agents engaged in field operations. They were encouraged to “live” their roles and could come to work dressed anyway they liked, with no questions asked.
“We were not required to dress like babus,” the officer recalls. “Operatives would come in kurta pajamas and lungis, wearing sandals. Anyone preparing for an op deep inside enemy territory was allowed to grow a beard ‘to get into the role.’ Others could hire maulvis to learn Urdu and Arabic. As part of their cover, some agents spent days learning shoe-making and later worked as mochis in targeted areas including foreign countries. Doval saab himself is expert in Urdu,” the officer adds proudly.
The surrender of the dreaded Kashmiri militant Kuka Parray was a feather in Doval’s cap in the Nineties. Such was his acumen that, armed with terrorist psycho profiles, he was able to brainwash and persuade Parray and gang to become counter-insurgents. “He met Parray sometime in the 1990s and motivated him to help the government,” confides a serving intelligence operative who had seen action in Kashmir as a young man, refusing to divulge further details. Parray and his outfit Ikhwan-e-Muslimoon, neutralised top militant commanders in the Valley with the help of the Indian Army. Turning Parray was a political victory as well; the operation enabled the Centre to subsequently hold the Assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir in 1996. Parray, who became an MLA, was killed in a terrorist ambush later. The official says then “New Delhi” was not certain Doval would succeed, being aware of the complex political situation. But, the coup earned him the respect of even his staunchest critics within the agency, who were advocating a peacenik policy with Pakistan-sponsored terror outfits. A master of psychological warfare, Doval’s role in several near-mythical exploits in Kashmir expanded from being just a ruthless spymaster to a master-strategist, who brought various separatists including Yasin Malik, Shabbir Shah Maulvi Farooq, and even the hawkish pro-Pak SAS Geelani to the negotiating table.
Intelligence agents admit that though India’s George Smiley hung up his boots in 2005, he was still unofficially in the field, directing covert missions. A Wikileaks cable dated August 2005 had suggested that Doval had planned the failed IB operation to take out Dawood, who escaped after some bad ’uns in the Mumbai police had tipped him off. “The reports of Dawood shifting his base in Pakistan appears credible as Doval has been pursuing him for over a decade,” said an Intelligence officer.
Doval’s New Strategy
■ Strengthening, reviving and ensuring coordination among the security and intelligence apparatus that were systematically dismantled by the previous regime.

■ Maximise the authority of security agencies undermined by the bureaucratic set-up to deal with cross- border terrorism.
■ To formulate a firm policy in dealing with Pakistan and other neighbouring countries known for harbouring anti-India elements.
■ Strengthening and ensuring penetration of human intelligence (HUMINT) at district and local level.
■ Launching National Intelligence Grid for the integration for intelligence.
■ Evolving a uniform anti-Naxal policy to deal with the menace.
■ Ensuring a system where innocents are fully protected and cases of those languishing in jail are expedited.


vandy said...

Thanks for the wonderful post.

Prashant Shrama said...

Since I had seen Mr. Doval's interview to ABP news (sometime in November 2013) I gradually started admiring him for his work. This post affirms the same. But this has to be seen whether he and his team work in new role to make India fear free country from foreign/external threats and dangers!

Puneet Sirari said...

Most of the time, we're reacting to the problem surfaced out as by-product. If we respond, rather react, on the psychology (or mindset) due to which the particular problem has surfaced out as one of the by-products, we can easily perform root-cause elimination even without telling the defaulter(s), bringing right things on-track!

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What all each one of us thinks about the definition of simple words, e.g.

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The definition of Economics has overpowered the Human Values and its Living Standards. Importance of commercialization has been stressed in the uni/var-sities even keeping Human survival at the stake.

Just dropping a few words on this great piece of work.

Best Wishes!

Sanjay Pandey said...

I met Mr Doval in 1994 in UK as a young IPS officer. I was shocked and surprised that Mr Doval had complete background about me and even had knowledge with whom i had last talked to before coming to UK. India is in safe hands with him. I hope he has enough support for cyber surveillance which is where current nefarious activities are mostly evolving. Will be honored to support cyber related work should need arise Sanjay Pandey, IPS Maharashtra

Sukanta Das said...

Thanks Mr. Doval.

iarchitjain said...

is it the official blog of Mr. Doval maintained by Mr. Doval??

Shan Nalliah / GANDHIYIST said...


srajendransteno said...

As one of our most experienced Intelligence Officers & perhaps the boldest, India's counter intelligence retaliatory attacks in Pakistan must undergo a change under him instead of merely protesting at the terrorism attacks by their "non-state actors". India must revive counter activity in Pakistan's soil to convey a strong message that we could also do to them what they do to us.

Sumit Sharma said...

I was a big fan of this Hero and now a much bigger. I wish i get to meet him somewhere in life.
This is called a life worth living.

@ankushtechie said...

You are like ideal for all of us and we all want to be like you sir.

mukesh jha said...

Is there any way to contact the NSA?

harsh jha said...

Respected Sir

is there any way to contact you

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Siddhartha badri prasad said...

Bravo senior. You did well , saving the country from outside dangers , you are a legend now. But the country you saved is now collapsing , and the reasons have not been recognised yet . This disease is infecting the whole country from inside and the responsibles for making a cure are still an aware.
Arthshastra is not a book of External Affairs of a Country , but a book of perspectives towards The Ultimate Solution - A normal satisfactory life for the common man. .........

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Arun Kumar said...

Its really encouraging for the Indian Security establishment to have some one like Shri Ajit Doval ji at the Helm, A person who was in the field for long time rather behind the desk as NSA Augurs well
for Indian Security. A kind request to Ajit Saab please neutralise Masood Azhar(LET) and Dawood at the earliest, these two have done huge loss to India. Think of Mossad how they took revenge for the Munich Olympics massacre, we 1.3 Billion people needs to show the Indian Might,



Zeeshan Amjad said...

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Gaurav Anna said...

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Zeeshan Amjad said...

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Time to teach terrorist INDIA a lesson.
INDIA ko kargil main Jo Mar PAKISTAN se pari thi yaad hai KE bhool gaye hoo.

dinesh verma said...

Respected Sir,

Thank you for all you do.

subhash giri said...

Respect :)

subhash giri said...

Respect :)

subhash giri said...

Respect :)

rajesh pandey said...

sun zeeshan amjad, tu or tera pakistan bhot bada chutiya desh h.jiska naam shuru to pak se hota h per vo her napak cheez karti h jo use nahi karni chaiye.tu ajit doval ko gaali deta h bhen k lode........jisne teri h zameen par aake tumhari hi gaand tod di thi aur jisne isi k pass koi clue h nahi choda tha.tumhara aziz to itna bada gandu h ke hamare ajit doval se baat karne se hi darta h aur ja ha tak rahi terrorism ki baat to vo to puri duniya jaanti h ki terrorism ko badava keval pakistan hi deti h.Osama kahan paya gaya,pakistan me.to isilye apna mu band rakh nahi to balochistan kho doge.

sachin verma said...

He is great man, surely india got best Prime minister after years, Hope BJP wins Bihar Vidhan Sabha 2015 and GST bill will be passed.

Narottam said...
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mickey said...

Mr Doval has been praised by the Pakistanis and mentioned as a 'no nonsense man!'. You know you have a good NSA when your enemy that spews venom 24/7 talks good about you. One good thing about him is that he is not a victim of his own ego as some spooks get after experiencing intoxicating power

Narottam said...

Where is my previous comment?

Narottam said...

I am preparing for Civil service exam conducted by UPSC. Last year failed in prelims,right-now waiting for prelim's result...I want to meet you after final selection. Really Sir, YOUR SPEECHES ARE BEST THING I EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE,ALL CONFUSIONS ARE CLEAR NOW.

I have seen all of your speeches on internet..I want to meet you after final result,we have to do some important task. I also want to be "Hard task master" like you.

UPSC CSE prelims result is going to be declared in this month.. Please Sir give me your blessings that I will be selected in prelims,mains and interview, because I want to be part of work you are doing... I want to be part of this "RELAY RACE",as you said in your speech...

I have to say lot things to you personally, I cant say here.

At the end some words that are running in my blood and my mind all the time.

*Subhas Chandra Bose
*History se badi koi adalat nahi hoti - POWER
*Believe and faith.


Ravinder Dande said...

Hello AJIT DOVAl sir,

This year when i heard your name in news and came to know about works for our country .I feel kike salute you.In your last operation of mayanmar boarder i heard that you with modi sir planned i was happy for our country coz there still in country people care about indian


shiva gupta said...

sir i salute u in last operation of Myanmar border .
sir i ask the question that how the join the raw. i am research scholar in mnit jaipur. i have a masters in oragnic chemistry and presently research in this field.what the eligible criteria.

plz reply the question

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mahesh said said...
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Karthikeyan said...

Dear Mr. Doval,

Please take strict action against anti nationals


Harsh Vardhan said...

Dear sir ,
your attention needed.

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Mithun Reddy said...

We are really proud of officers like you who dedicate their entire life for the country.. hats off to u sir..

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suhas taware said...


Arvind Ramanujam said...

With due respect to Mr Ajit Doval for the many times he risked his life to help save India, the Doval Doctrine will not be successful in the long run and will in fact be counter-productive since it is not founded on morality. The tragedy that is about to happen is that, as an emerging power, India does increasingly have the means to implement his Doctrine and most Indians will be attracted to his advice because it appears to be a Rambo-style quick-fix solution, but in the long-term, India will be regarded as a self-righteous hypocrite and hated by every other country like how America is hated now. Unfortunately, for some Indians, being negatively criticized and hated is alright if India can be as powerful and rich as America is today. While an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth can itself make the world go blind and toothless, Mr Doval is recommending a retaliation that is twice the magnitude. It means that the world will go blind and toothless at an accelerated pace. The problem with the offensive approach is that initially it seems to go smoothly as planned but then the many uncertainties of nature, human weaknesses and the absence of mercy to fall back on, leads to an unmanageable, dangerous situation from which it is almost impossible to get back to peace. The majority of Indians are not aware of the problems of war because they have not yet experienced it in their region. The world also has forgotten the destruction in World War 1 and World War 2. So, violence is as attractive as a video game. Hindus also rely to a great extent on their holy book, the Bhagavad Gita, which seems to recommend war but the truth is that Shri Krishna addressed it to a Kshattriya (warrior) after exhausting all means for peace. Today, we have intellectual warfare by Brahmins, corporate warfare by Vaisyas and service warfare by the Sudhras, none of which was adviced by Shri Krishna. A Brahmin like Mr Ajit Doval, endorsed by the caste-conscious BJP, is expected to work towards peace and not be hawkish.
Neither Chanakya nor James Bond are good role models. Chanakya, with his extraordinary brain power, could have tried to attain moksha but he wasted it on personal revenge and had a tragic end. Being cold-blooded and amorous like James Bond seems good on screen but in real life, it is pathetic and perverted.
As of the time of this writing, there is a proxy-war between India and Pakistan. I heard there were currently around 60 wars taking place across the globe. If the ill-feelings between North Korea and South Korea escalates to a great extent, China will enter in to a war, which would then mean that all the major powers of the world are at war, which could then be regarded as World War 3 or the beginning of it. The question is: do we want it? The problem is that, apart from the imagination of mushroom clouds due to an atom bomb, most of us do not know how terrible it is -- also, we have been on the comfort zone of peace too long and cannot even imagine a situation when it can be otherwise. So, from our comfort zones of home and office, we add fuel to the fire of war burning in the many areas of the world. We are unable to realize that a casual insult of a foreigner in online social media is enough to trigger a suicide bombing or gunning down of innocent civilians by a soldier. The war machinery, once started, is very difficult to stop.

Arvind Ramanujam said...

Again, with due respect to Mr Doval, I read about the period when Mr Doval voluntarily consumed non-vegetarian food although he was a vegetarian. This is a great act which cannot be denied. I can understand the difficulty because I am myself a vegetarian. However, to regard it as a sacrifice of individual morality for the State is incorrect. It is an issue of tolerance rather than that of morality. Did Mr Doval feel sad about the sheep, cow, fish or whatever that had to die to become his food? I doubt so. If being a vegetarian defines a person as good, then Adolf Hitler must have been an angel. So, while what Mr Doval did was extraordinary that is alone enough to justify the medal he has received, to use it as an instance of a person letting go of her or his morality is erroneous, because it is a matter of tolerance, endurance or perseverance rather than morality.
In truth, the individual morality of all citizens defines the collective morality of the country and the results that will ensue. Change has to come from within and as Mahatma Gandhi said, if one wants to change the society, one has to be the change that one wants to see.
I don't say that the Doval Doctrine is totally wrong -- offense is as important as defense when the defense is dysfunctional -- but the greatest care must be taken to try to make sure that no innocent person gets offended.

Ansec Hr said...

We are very proud of all the officers who have scarified their entire life by serving for our country.

harriers said...

Kahe ka " proude" bey ? angrezi likhna to seekh ja pehle. aur waise bhi hamare yahan ek dialogue hai 》》》 teri keh ke lunga ;)

harriers said...

Kahe ka " proude" bey ? angrezi likhna to seekh ja pehle. aur waise bhi hamare yahan ek dialogue hai 》》》 teri keh ke lunga ;)

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Shrikrishna Fansalkar said...

Dear Sir

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Therefore I do not support the step of their recruitment in arm forces.

Therefore it is my humble request to give second thought on their recruitment, and if at all they are recruited, they should not be utilized at sensitive points. Please take care.

I have made this comment without any prejudice, but in the interest of our Nation. Therefore it must be taken in right spirit.


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